Music tip: Buck Curran's new CD autumnal masterwork

Immersion Light

Buck Curran

"Immortal Light" by Buck Curran is a freakin' very, very great record. A resident of Maine and member of the space-folk duo Arborea, Curran has released a debut solo effort that resonates in a million haunting ways. Buck didn't asked me, but I wish he'd held off releasing "Immortal Light" till September, as its ghostly, understated vocal melodies, plucked acoustic guitar chimes and lullling pagan hush make the entire work sound as if someone had commissioned him to write a soundtrack to John Keats' "To Autumn." In case you'd always wondered what "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness" sounded like, buy this album now. I do wish the admittedly intriguing but ultimately distracting arrangement of Creedence's "Bad Moon Rising" had been left off, but only because the tune is so indelible. 


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