NFA Class of 2010 graduates 546

A graduate reaches out to shake hands with a member of the audience during the recessional of the Norwich Free Academy graduation ceremony Friday, June 18, 2010.

Norwich — Class speaker Hunter Kodama likened the Class of 2010's quick tenure at Norwich Free Academy to the cloudburst rain storm he experienced on his way home a week ago.

The sky was bright and clear when he started home, but five minutes later, the skies opened up. The brief tumultuous storm engulfed him, cleaned his dirty car, and then moved on, revealing the clear sky once again. At first it seemed the storm wouldn't end – as it was with exams and final research papers due – but by the time he turned into his driveway, the sun was shining.

"NFA has been that cleansing rainstorm," Kodama said, "washing away our dirty covering and exposing each of our own personal identities and unique beauty therein."

No one had to worry about rain clouds Friday, as the 546 members of the Class of 2010 graduated from NFA on the athletic field. Crowds surrounding the track fence clamored for the pockets of shade provided by campus buildings and the few ornamental trees on the perimeter.


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