Waterford grads look back a final time before facing future

Jason Lance and his fellow members of the Class of 2010 listen to one of the speakers Thursday during the Waterford High School commencement.

Waterford - In her farewell address at the 51st Waterford High School commencement Thursday, valedictorian Hannah Schenk took stock of key events in the Class of 2010's final year at the school.

Schenk recalled the achievements of the soccer, baseball and softball teams as well as her class's victories during Spirit Week.

She remembered the spring floods, the school's "rain day" and the charity work the class did for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

But most of all, Schenk pointed out the changes her 219 classmates, clad in blue academic regalia for the ceremony, went through in the past year, and how they are now looking toward the future.

"I have faith in all of us," Shenck said. "The future will be good."

Scheck implored her classmates to never lose their "unique idealism" and "quality of optimism."

In his remarks, class salutatorian Joseph Steady thanked "the teachers and coaches who defined the types of individuals we've become."

"I know it's a cliché," Steady said. "But today is the first day of the rest of our lives."

The commencement, held at a packed Alumni Field, was the final ceremony for outgoing Superintendent Randall Collins, who is retiring on June 30.

After listing the superintendent's professional accolades, class President Nina Sullivan introduced him as the man who called the snow days.

"When you go down the road," Collins told the students, "the important things you'll do, you'll do for your fellow man."

Sullivan also asked for a moment of silence for classmate Scott Goldman, who died in July 2008.

"If there is one word to describe Scotty, it would be 'kind,'" Sullivan said.

Before the ceremony, the class gathered in the gymnasium one last time before proceeding onto the football gridiron.

Students hugged each other and snapped photos.

Taylor Zaldivar, 18, who's headed to Mitchell College in the fall, remarked that graduation is the final time he'll be seeing some of his classmates.

And at the end of the line of female graduates, Qiaomei Zhang, alphabetically the last graduate of the Class of 2010, reflected on the time she's spent with some of her fellow students.

"They've been with me for 12 years," Zhang said. "And now it's graduation."



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