Years at NFA allow grads to find their 'personal identities'

Michelle Humphrey of Norwich shakes hands with teacher Jay Driscoll Friday during the processional of the Norwich Free Academy graduation ceremony.

Norwich - Class speaker Hunter Kodama likened the Class of 2010's quick tenure at Norwich Free Academy to the cloudburst rainstorm he experienced on his way home a week ago.

The sky was bright and clear when he started home, but five minutes later, the skies opened up.

The brief but tumultuous storm engulfed him, cleaned his dirty car, and then moved on, revealing the clear sky once again. At first it seemed the storm wouldn't end - as it was with exams and final research papers being due - but by the time he turned into his driveway, the sun was shining.

"NFA has been that cleansing rainstorm," Kodama said, "washing away our dirty covering and exposing each of our own personal identities and unique beauty therein."

No one had to worry about rain clouds Friday, as the 546 members of the Class of 2010 graduated on the athletic field. Crowds surrounding the track fence clamored for the pockets of shade provided by campus buildings and the few ornamental trees on the perimeter. Whole families preferred that shade to a closer look in the hot sun, sending someone forward to catch the names before emerging for photos or cheers.

Joseph Lee, father of graduate Jeremiah Lee, stayed in the sun for the great spot he found to see his son approach the podium. Dad and uncle Ronnie Howard had their cameras ready when Jeremiah unknowingly nearly messed up their plans.

"He's dancing!" Howard yelled. "Stop dancing so we can get the picture!"

As officials read the final 100 names of graduates, cheers erupted as a small plane passed overhead with a banner trailing: "Congratulations Melissa & Tom. Class of 2010."

Ivy Orator Terell Wilson started the celebration off with a speech that called for audience participation. Three times, Wilson urged fellow graduates to turn to the side and say "Neighbor, I made it!"

Wilson didn't gloss over the struggles his particular class faced, but said those challenges made him and his classmates stronger. It was Aug. 19, 2007, when popular classmate Larry Pontbriant died suddenly of cardiac arrest. Rather than become consumed by the grief, the class rallied, took their cause to Hartford and got a new state law to place automated external defibrillators in schools and parks.

"We took a tragic event and turned it into a success story," Wilson said.

Later during Friday's ceremony, the Class of 2010 donated $2,500 to NFA's new plan to create a cardiac fitness center.


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