Life Coaching

When you want to lose weight and get in shape you turn for help to a personal trainer or nutritionist.

But what if you want to get your personal life in better shape? Where do you go to figure out how to be successful both financially and personally and how to live with fulfillment and joy?

For $100 an hour or more you could hire a life coach. Or, for less than $15 a month you could try out a new website launched this summer and specifically geared toward providing life coaching to women hungry to find a way to balance their work and family lives while seeking personal growth. offers several different monthly subscription levels, from the basics of the $4.95 “Reflect” plan — which includes an online journal that “provides you with a peaceful space to write” — to the $14.95 “Reinvent” plan, which includes a full interactive coaching program.

As the FAQ page on the website succinctly sums up the service, is “designed to help women over 40 create the rest of their lives with integrity, intention, and the love of friends. The site provides a set of online tools to guide women through a journey of personal transformation. Members can take advantage of a self-guided life coach; a customized Vision board for goal setting; regular practices to help replace old behaviors with new, positive, healthy ones; a barometer for tracking progress; a journal to document the experience; a friends network for sharing and support; and a rewards program for giving back to other women in need.”

The website and its coaching literature are full of new-age philosophical and Buddhist musings, packaged in a pleasant, easy to use format.

For instance, the “Spiral Up” program derives its name from the idea that the spiral, such as those found in seashells and whirlpools, is one of the most common and universal symbols in nature and that it expresses symmetry in life.

“The Spiral represents the curlicue way that life teaches us and awakens us to our potential,” one of the program’s workbooks states.

The website, which you can “test drive” for free in under a half hour or so,  was created by Bettina and Mike Jetter, a California couple. Following Mike Jetter’s battle with leukemia the couple, who also developed the technology company Mindjet, realized that “life is finite and time is precious.” 

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