R for royalty? Why the “King’s Speech’s” rating makes no sense

I saw “The King’s Speech.”

I loved “The King’s Speech.”

I found “The King’s Speech” to be a thoroughly enjoyable old-school Brit comic drama.

And I was stunned afterward to realize that the genteel “King’s Speech” is rated R.

That rating would make you think, what, that the film catches King George VI and the Queen Mum in flagrante delicto? Or that the stuttering king gets so frustrated with his speech therapist that he grabs and gun and takes his wrath out on a mob of strangers?

No, the R is for a single scene in which the king swears as part of his therapy. He uses the “f” word and the “s” word. The horror, the horror!

If anything proves the movie rating system is utter folly, this is it.

To think that this film is considered as inappropriate for teens as all those cruel, uber-violent action movies are is absurd.

What do you think of the movie rating system? What’s your idea of the worst rating decision?

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