NFA graduates urged to see heroes in Class of 2011

Graduates line up at the Norwich Free Academy ceremony Friday, held on the school athletic field.
Graduates line up at the Norwich Free Academy ceremony Friday, held on the school athletic field. Dana Jensen/The Day Buy Photo

Norwich - Four Bozrah families were counting on Norwich Free Academy's reputation for running a beautiful, traditional and yet efficient graduation ceremony, even for a class with nearly 600 graduates.

The families had an evening engagement to attend eighth-grade graduations at the Fields Memorial School in Bozrah for younger siblings of NFA graduates.

"I'm so excited!" said Debbie Fargo, mother of NFA graduate Devon Fargo and Fields Memorial grad Rachel, 14, who will attend NFA next year.

A loud, if anxious cheer, erupted from Devon's extended family when his name was called. "They'd better hurry up," his mother said. "Her graduation is at 7."

Devon, a football and track athlete at NFA, will attend Plymouth State College in the fall to study criminal justice.

"His heart is as big as his body," Devon's aunt, Katie Pollard of Florida, said.

A few thousand family members and friends of graduates encircled the athletic field, jockeying for positions either to watch the ceremony or to catch their favorite grads as they left the athletic field.

A sister and several cousins were waiting to tackle Cynthia Lassiter in a burst of screams, cheers and hugs as soon as the surprised graduate cleared the athletic field fence. The culprits identified themselves as "Dot Brown's kids," referring to their grandmother.

"I feel excited, relieved and empowered!" said Lassiter, who plans to study nursing at Three Rivers Community College.

During the ceremony, class speaker Stephen Piotrkowski and ivy orator Paul Musso asked their classmates to remain serious for a little while for some sober advice. The speakers won a competition for the chance to address fellow graduates.

Piotrkowski asked the graduates to look to their left and right to find a leader or a hero at their side. He told several stories of individuals in the class who had made a difference. He spoke of a Haitian girl who pushed fellow immigrants to learn English, gave tours in Creole to parents and even helped one shy classmate get a job. An athlete who had just lost a spot on the team to a young but shy student embraced that student, gave him rides to games and took him home to dinner.

"Can you see how each one of your neighbors could be the leader who takes possibilities and makes them inevitabilities?" Piotrkowski said. "Look at yourself and realize that you are this leader."

Musso stood at the lectern and pointed to himself as a reason to shun the popular saying "live life one day at a time, because you don't know what tomorrow will bring." Had he followed that advice, he said bluntly, he never would have graduated.

Musso described a "terrible" sophomore year, when his grades were so bad he nearly gave up on school. Then, he said, "something clicked in me," and he realized he had to plan for the future, improve his grades and reach graduation.

"My life never would have changed if I didn't begin to think seriously about today's effect upon tomorrow," Musso said. "My failure led to the path which I now walk, and so I ask you to use today as an opportunity to see your path to the future."

Norwich Free Academy Class of 2011

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