Sandcastles made of....plastic

The North Stonington Nursery School Class of 2011 with their castle made of recyclables.

While many children enjoy building sandcastles at the beach in the summer, Lyndsay Chartneski's preschool class got a head start, building a castle out of recyclable plastics. You'll see the class along with the finished project above.

Nice work kids!

Here's what Lyndsay had to say about her graduating class:

The North Stonington Nursery School graduating class of 2011 worked hard from January until June collecting recyclable bottles and boxes. The class decided to call it a “Recycled Sandcastle” and decorated it to look like something you would make at the beach. In the end it was 4-feet long by 3 ½-feet wide and 4-feet tall. A lot of time and hard work went into this project and it paid off. The sandcastle was on display for our graduation ceremony for everyone to enjoy. Congratulations Class of 2011!

Looks like North Stonington has some hardworking, creative children ready to start school.



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