Get your head out of the oil sand

I wagged my tail vigorously yesterday when I saw that Bo’s dad, President Obama, would deny an application for the Keystone XL project, an oil pipeline that would stretch from Canada to Texas.

Bo’s dad says the deadline imposed by the opposing party didn't allow time for a full review, the Associated Press said.
While Mr. O. said he’s not basing his rejection on the merits of the $7 billion project but rather on the “arbitrary’ nature of the deadline, I, as a tree-hugging dog (ok, tree-weeing is more accurate) sure hopes he rejects it on its merits, which are doubtful.

The project involves extracting oil from the tar sands in western Canada and then shipping the fuel via a 1,700-mile pipeline through Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Holy National Parks, I say. That sounds like something a desperate country in the developing world would propose, fraught as it is with potential costs -- environmental, legal, aesthetic, moral, etc.

I hope B.O. listens to Bo, who I’m sure is counseling rejection of the Keystone project. It’s so hare-brained even a rabbit can see the flaws.
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