All hail, HRH* Callista Gingrich *Her ’Rageous Hair

The well-coiffed Callista Gingrich

I know spectacular hair when I see it; I happen to wear a pretty terrific wiry coat myself. Still, I’ve never seen anything quite like Callista Gingrich’s white hot, injection-molded plastic look. The wife of serial groom and presidential candidate Newt Gingrich makes Blagojevich and Trump look like poseurs.

What everyone seems to want to know is how does she get that just-spring-loaded look? I’ve done my research and what I’ve heard from Gawker, Slate and others is that hair like that is not God-given or Allah-given. It requires $80 haircuts and $300 dye jobs.

And what exactly are the look and Callista telling us?

“Recession? What recession?”

“I’m worth it. You’re not”

“Hair is a family value.”

I’m just guessing at what Callista means by it all. Maybe she just likes to have one thing that’s predictable in the unpredictable life of a political wife. But the message I get from that chemically induced ’do is one I don’t like.

There is something artificial, dishonest, misleading and contrived about it. Kind of like her husband.

So, I was having a bad hair day.
So, I was having a bad hair day.
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