Build a new New London High School

Julianne Hanckel reports here that New London is weighing the options of fixing up its decrepit high school or building new. New is the obvious choice. The kids deserve it. The old one is grim. The state will pay for a big part of it, and who knows how long that funding will last. It will make New London a more attractive place for families, and it will help property values. The problems are not going away, and it's never going to get cheaper.

The high school has failed, since 1988, to address key building issues and meet ADA requirements, according to the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, which provides accreditation services. If the school continues not to meet ADA requirements, it is at risk of losing all the federal grants it receives, Assistant Superintendent Christine Carver said.


Boiler problems, drafty windows, broken water fountains, uncontrolled classroom temperatures, improper use of space and broken or missing classroom clocks are just some of the issues high school Principal William "Tommy" Thompson listed as reasons why the school's accreditation is at risk.

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