Tell me about your childhood

It wasn’t easy but I did it.

I passed the 13-part test to become a therapy dog Monday night. It’s like a Canine Good Citizens test on steroids.

Amazingly, I passed the “doughnut test” – in this case actually a “cheese test”, even worse! – on the first try. That is, I walked over a piece of cheese lying on the floor without lunging at it and swallowing it whole.

But my nerves, and my person’s, were a little on edge so I didn’t do so well on a couple of other things. Sit and refrain from greeting a strange dog??? Really. Not the first time. I was allowed to retest on account of I’m so handsome. Well, actually because you get a do over at the end of the night, so I got my certification in the end.

Heeling, loud distractions, people in wheelchairs and walkers were no problem, I’d like to brag. So now the paperwork is in the mail and I await my badge and bandana.

Only question now is where should I work first? A nursing home? Hospital? Hospice? Women’s shelter?

I could bring the love to all those places. What do you think?

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