The first lobster roll of 2012; We’re off to a good start

A lobster roll is pictured at The Bee-Hive Tavern in East Sandwich, Mass.

I was on Cape Cod this weekend visiting my Uncle Marc, who has a place in East Sandwich. We had corned beef and cabbage for lunch and went for a walk on the beach.

When 4:00 p.m. rolled around I said to my wife, “Are you hungry again?” I was surprised I had such a strong appetite because we had had lunch not too long before. But we must have been on the same clock because she said yes, and at that point I knew we’d wind up having our first real seafood dining experience of 2012.

At my uncle’s suggestion we stopped into The Bee-Hive Tavern in East Sandwich. It had great atmosphere, that old New England tavern feel (see second photo above).

I knew what I wanted the second I sat down: lobster roll. I hadn’t had one yet this year and was dying for one. But when I’m hungry I get strangely indecisive too. Right before the waitress took our order I wasn’t sure if maybe I wanted one of those flakey, white fish dishes that comes with a butter-crumb topping and mashed potatoes.

But I came to my senses, thankfully, and got the lobster roll.

Great move. It was one of those small bun lobster rolls, which is OK because it came with a lot of lobster meat packed into that small bun. I’ll take a small bun with lots of lobster over a big bun that’s skimping on the meat.

The lobster roll was great, nothing crazy, out of this world interesting, just good. And that’s what I wanted.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a long and glorious seafood summer. There will be trips to Captain Scott’s no doubt and my favorite seafood place, Iggy’s in Warwick or Point Judith, R.I.

So here’s to 2012: May our Yacht Club Sodas be refreshing, our clam cakes crispy and our lobster rolls full. Cheers!


The interior of The Bee-Hive Tavern in East Sandwich, Mass.
The interior of The Bee-Hive Tavern in East Sandwich, Mass.

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