Sixth Annual GFFE Spelling Bee

The Mulberry Pointdexters members Maureen Belden, Annie Merkle-Ward, and Susan Fine are pronounced winners of the competition by Bee Justices (seated at table) Superintendent of Schools Paul Freeman, columnist Sandi Kahn-Shelton, and Library Director Sandy Ruoff (not visible).

The Guilford Fund for Education (GFFE) held its sixth annual fundraising event at Guilford High School with a record number of 52 teams participating (many in costume) for the benefit of an even more packed auditorium. The winning team, The Mulberry Pointdexters, was awarded the GFFE's new hive trophy (until next year, at least) for successfully spelling "firnification." The GFFE raises funds to support the many educational grants that are awarded by the organization each year.



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