MMA much safer sport than traditional boxing

I was shocked after reading the April 19 editorial, "Legalizing brutality." Mixed martial arts (MMA) is much safer than boxing. The editorial states that boxing "limits blows to above the belt and sends a competitor to a neutral corner after downing an opponent..." However, if the fight continues the previously downed opponent can then go back to the center of the ring and take even more blows to the head. In MMA a competitor can win via submission without a single punch or kick being thrown.

People in law enforcement and corrections use similar submission techniques to subdue violent individuals so as not to cause them serious injury. Sen. John McCain, who famously dubbed MMA as "human cockfighting," is an avid boxing fan. What he never mentioned was that he was a spectator at a boxing match in which one fighter died 13 days later as a result from the fight (Jimmy Garcia vs. Gabriel Ruelas - May 6, 1995).

I have trained in martial arts (never competed) and occasionally watch cage fights. To say Connecticut would be lowering its standards to cater to what I and many others find entertaining was offensive. If The Day believes MMA to be "a brutal form of entertainment," how does it feel about boxing, wrestling, judo, and taekwondo as Olympic events?

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