Oh no. Here come the McMahon TV ads

Brace yourselves. Linda McMahon is starting to soak the TV airwaves again with her big ego. The first ads of her new Senate campaign are going up and they ring all the same old bells. Here we go again: I am rich now but I was once poor. In fact, we once filed for bankruptcy, even though I won't answer any questions about that or say what creditors and which taxes never got paid. 

The Associated Press reports here on the start of the new ads.


The ad is scheduled to run on broadcast TV stations statewide starting Wednesday morning. It features old family photos of McMahon with her father, her husband, Vince McMahon, and the couple's two children. It comes as McMahon works to reach female voters, forming this campaign's version of a "Women for Linda" initiative and holding "Conversations with Linda," chats McMahon has been holding in women's homes throughout the state.

"We learn every night in these `Conversations with Linda,' in living rooms with people who are meeting her in person for the first time, that they don't know Linda's story," said Erin Isaac, McMahon's communications director.

There are people in Connecticut who don't know her story? Did they sleep through the $50 million deluge for the last campaign?


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