Rain Rain Go Away

Mystic Aquarium Beluga Intern Hannah Tuuri plays with Juno, one of the aquarium's Beluga whales, during a rainy Tuesday, May 1, 2012. Tuuri is a 2011 graduate of Western Michigan University and joined the aquarium in January of 2012.

Sometimes I take photos that I know won't be published.

On this given occasion I had just spent an hour documenting the Mystic Aquarium's newest juvenile penguin's first swim, so when I spied this moment between the aquarium's Beluga Intern and one of the whales, I knew another aquarium-related photo was not going to find space in The Day, but I also knew it was too good of a moment to pass-up.

Hannah Tuuri was playing peek-a-boo with Juno, hiding behind her umbrella and then popping-out to get a squeal from the whale.

I enjoyed the moment, which on a rainy Tuesday was not being witnessed by very many visitors, and was happy to make a picture of it.

The only thing left was to find the time to write and post my thoughts.

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