Don't want to work to get at the news

Good morning, time for today's headline news; we begin with a pause for a commercial break?

Day's new format; please stop!

I enjoy reading the newspaper. I like to know what is happening in the world, region and in sports.

Please don't put advertising stickers over the headlines, that need to be peeled off in order to read the article; and now you have a new format - at least twice a week, that covers the headlines, in not only one section but two sections.

These one-and-half-page ads in The Day I would like to see stopped. It's annoying to remove these full page ads in order to get to the real news. Is it really necessary to disassemble the paper in order to read it?

I know selling ads is a big part of the revenue needed to publish a paper, but the ads should be scattered as they once were and still are throughout the newspaper section.

Let's not make advertisements the headline news. I want to unfold and read my newspaper. Enough said.

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