The King of all Dragonflies

A large dragonfly is pictured on the roof of the municipal parking garage in downtown New London on Tuesday, July 17, 2012.

It was a photo of a peculiar-looking insect that set of speculation and curiosity in the newsroom this morning.Tim Martin, a staff photographer, was on the roof of the municipal parking garage when he came across a dragonfly roughly the length of his iPhone.

As we discussed the picture in the morning news meeting, it seemed several of us thought we had seen more dragonflies this year. And was it possible these ones were bigger than the varieties we saw last year?

But the excitement was quickly quelled by a call to the Connecticut Entomological Society.

“I would say this year is a fairly typical year,” said Vice President Michael Thomas, who added both numbers and species diversity appeared consistent with previous years. “Without question a rumor.”

I’d say the photo’s still pretty cool anyway. And anyone who comes across this dragonfly will certainly do a double take.


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