A simple fix for garage door issues

Regarding the July 23 article, "Local residents dealing with open-and-shut case, sort of," many of the troubles people are having opening and closing their garage doors has been caused by Homeland Security using Frequency 390 MHz to help keep our country safe.

This frequency allocated to the government years ago has also been used by many overhead door companies to operate their door openers knowing that "at some time" the government might need to use it.

"At sometime" has now arrived. People in Rhode Island had this trouble last year and an overhead door company there rectified their problems free of charge.

I wrote to a local overhead door company about the problem and it ignored my letter. My neighbor called this same company and it told her that they would charge nearly $300 to fix it.

When car companies have troubles with faulty parts they fix the cars for free, why can't these overhead door companies do the same? I purchased a part for less than $45 on the Internet and with the help of our neighborhood handyman's club, the problem was solved in about half an hour.

Why is this door company being allowed to fleece its customers?

Bruce Lorking

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