McMahon, Formica: stick to what you do

In baseball a switch-hitter is a player who can bat from either side of the plate. Some psychiatrist say this condition ensues because the player cannot decide which side of the plate is best suited to his game.

In a political contest a switch-hitter might be a person not sure if he or she should be in business or politics. The voters in Connecticut have several candidates fitting this billing, however the two of local and immediate concern are Senate candidate Linda McMahon and congressional candidate Paul Formica. Here we have two Republican Party candidates who have had success in business, and to which they should continue to devote their talents.

The opposition Democratic Party candidates are, for Senate, Chris Murphy and, for Congress, Rep. Joe Courtney. Both gentlemen have experience in their field. They have ably represented Connecticut in the House of Representatives. They have earned your support. Show it at the polls Nov. 6, pulling the lever for President Obama, Murphy and Courtney.


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