Do Democrats really reflect your values?

Since the last election, our Democratic governor and Democratic-controlled General Assembly have passed the following legislation: Early release of prisoners (HB 6650) - Ibrahim Gazal of Meriden of East Hartford was killed by a prisoner released under this legislation; Gov. Malloy's "First Five Program" (Connecticut provides tax exemptions, grants and forgivable loans to companies that agree to provide 200 new full-time jobs within either two or five years.) By way of example, Bridgewater, among the world's largest hedge funds, was given $115 million in tax credits, forgivable loans and grants to move their headquarters from Westport to Stamford. Bridgewater's President, Ray Dalio has a net worth of $10 billion dollars; and the state budget (SB 1239 - $2.6 Billion tax increase, which is largest in state history and, after which, the state will still find itself with a projected deficit of $192 million).

Tax hikes with no spending cuts, the early release of violent prisoners and handouts to billionaires. These are the values of the Democratic Party in this state, but are they yours?

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