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Property Transactions - Oct. 19, 2012

Published October 19. 2012 4:00AM


Wahconah Dr: Frey, Charles M to Ennis, Courtney E, $50,000.

421 Salem Tpke: Grassi, Kathryn to Ibrahim Ali LLC, $304,000.


255 Woodbine Rd: Stolle, Robert C & Stolle, Donna M to Chapman, Scott A & Ennis, Carolyn E, $285,000.

94 Nelkin Rd: Spatafora, Dorry J to Spatafora, James A & Hackett, Faye C, $185,000.

43 Colchester Cmns: Collins Patricia A Est & Eagan, Owen P to Pannone, Wendy J, $80,000.

163 Christy Ln: Cauley, Bryan S & Cauley, Crista D to Passera, Christopher M, $290,000.


22 Lebanon Rd: Drake, Shari L & Drake, Maurice D to JSC Props LLC, $227,500.

456 Lebanon Rd: Theresa K Tumicki LT & Tumicki, Timothy F to Prescott, Steven D, $150,000.


42 Anthony St #22: FNMA to Gebler, Ronald, $52,500.


20 Highrock Mobile Home Park #235: Highrock Corp to HRP LLC, $35,390.


76 Lakeview Hts: Hebert, Arthur & Hebert, Caroline to Jones, Wendell C & Mvmullen, Mary, $68,000.


33 Village Dr: Via Verde 2 LLC to Drummond, Scott & Drummond, Jessica, $325,000.

17 Sunset Ave: Comstock, Donald J & Comstock, Linda A to Reichard, Stephaine M, $205,000.

236 Avery Hill Rd: Karwasinski, Goldie A to Fernandes, Michael & Potts, Carrie, $185,000.

1899 Route 12: Stoddards Wharf LLC to Jordan, Gilbert F & Jordan, Barbara J, $300,000.

28 Stonybrook Rd: Gardner, Christopher C & Gardner, Tricia A to Mclane, Jennifer H & Motti, Jeffrey P, $255,000.

97 Whalehead Rd: Deveau, Ryan to Fairview Farms LLC, $104,000.

41 Richard Rd: Kiem, Leslie A to Barrett, Robert C & Barrett, Kelly J, $225,000.

55 Chriswood Trce: Oakes, Bruce B & Oakes, Jillian to Pepin, Michael A & Pepin, Loucille, $294,000.

357 Pumpkin Hill Rd: Lozier, Joseph A to Bonds, Brett A & Bonds, Kelly L, $229,000.


16 Pollys Ln: Baker, Sean R & Baker, Sara J to Medeiros, Miah L, $163,000.

34 Lakewood Dr: Village Dev to Sauchuk, Mark J, $125,000.

32 Fort Shantok Rd: Mattison, Beverly F to Caron, Richard A, $111,000.


223 W Town St: Dime Bank to Colebrooke LLC, $220,000.

620 W Main St: 55 Wall Street Realty Inc to 620 W Main Street LLC, $1,050,000.

406 W Main St: Alliance Energy LLC to Jordans Realty LLC, $315,000.

84 Lander St #5A: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Jin, Chan, $108,800.

14 Nordon Ave: Dime Bank to 66 Baltic Street LLC, $60,000.

14 Nordon Ave: Formby Deborah A Est & Formby, Andrew W to Dime Loan Servicing Corp, $1.

16 Laurel Circle Dr: Wells Fargo Bank NA to Westervelt, Aaron K & Westervelt, Teresa L, $142,900.

21 Brook St: Visio Financial Svcs LLC to Flores, Marco A, $27,000.


65 Community Ave: Cesino, Steven A & Cesino, Denise S to Dyson, Kevin J & Dyson, Jann E, $89,000.

34 High St: Clark, Danny G & Clark, Jean T to CHFA, $1.

3 Charles St: Carpenter, Patricia A to Kane, Mark A & Kane, Danyel M, $139,900.

10 Spring St: USA HUD to Lohbusch, David W & Lohbusch, Sheryle B, $60,000.

2 Arnio Dr: Arnio Lake Realty LLC to Arnio Drive LLC, $610,000.

24 Arnio Dr: Arnio Lake Realty LLC to Arnio Drive LLC, $610,000.

220 Lake St: Arnio Lake Realty LLC to Arnio Drive LLC, $610,000.

2nd St: Connecticut Yankee Commu to A&E Ent LLC, $125,000.

3 Cross Creek Rd #3: Senior Concepts LLC to George, Roger E & George, Martha E, $154,900.

Norwich Rd: Plainfield Terminal Wareh to SJ Plainfield Props LLC, $12,000.

49 Canterbury Rd #K: Palazzo FT & Palazzo, Richard E to Pusczynski, Andrew & Pusczynski, Janet, $43,700.


23 W Main St: Hernandez, Gloria to Sprague Town Of, $1.


1174 Plainfield Pike: Olkin, Matthew & Couture, John F to Jewett City Bank, $50,000.

571 Snake Meadow Hill Rd: Griffiths, Kenneth N to Darrow, Bowen D, $58,900.


21 Willow St: Lachance, Gerard R & Lachance, Barbara G to Saunders, Deborah G, $645,000.

60 William St: Zitser, Suzanne to Stewart, Mary H, $185,000.

45 Broad St: Homeowners Finance Co to Bove Family Props LLC, $85,000.


7 Rachel Ln: Marino, Kevin J & Marino, Sharon F to Stone Financing LLC, $249,000.

7 Rachel Ln: Stone Financing LLC to Monahan, Francis P & Monahan, Judy K, $249,000.

118 Bennett Rd: Emerson, Kevin B to Volontown Town Of, $12,138.


10 Avenue A: Avenue A LLC to Engdall, David, $310,000.

10 E Wharf Rd: Smith, Carolyn C to Shelburn, Joshua M & Shelburn, Alisha M, $190,000.

5 Robin Hill Rd: Randall, Margaret to Szreders, Marianne, $169,900.

23 Center Rd: Seltzer, Daniel J & Grillo-seltzer, Kerry to Damato, Carl & Lambert, Jennifer, $200,000.

63 Colonial Dr: Virga, Thomas J & Virga, Debra A to Pryder, James F & Messier, Alan R, $350,000.

42 Daniels Ave: JBM Realty LLC to Gengo, Joseph F, $225,000.

62 Great Neck Rd: Mayhew, Charles S to Mayhew, William S, $80,000.

30 Trumbull Rd: Wagniere, Grace W to Seltzer, Daniel J & Seltzer, Kerry L, $336,000.

11 Park Dr: Sullivan, Jean E to Young, Suzanne E, $649,000.

20 Stone St: Cronkite, Michele L to Osborne, Kelly A & Osborne, Jason L, $195,000.

270 Boston Post Rd #10: Perry, Francis W to Murphy, Edward R, $16,000.

20 Fog Plain Rd: Varella, Estelle V & Varella-Rivers, C V to Coleman, Stuart M, $170,000.

47 Bloomingdale Rd: Pollard, Katie M to Swanson, Matthew S & Swanson, Megan, $165,000.

11 Richards Grove Rd: Schmidt, Stephen R & Schmidt, Joyce E to Wadsworth, Lori A, $225,000.

64 Scotch Cap Rd #141: Thames Dev Assoc LLC to Bombaci, Louis, $199,600.

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