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Don't get fooled again by Obama, vote him out

Scott Van Natta Ledyard

Publication: The Day

Published 10/28/2012 12:00 AM
Updated 10/26/2012 04:59 PM

President Obama's Democratic Party had majority control of Congress during his first two years in office. He could have reformed immigration laws, if he cared, raised taxes on the wealthy, if he wanted to, or focused on helping the economy, if he knew how. These are all promises of a potential second term. All he has done for four years is campaign. Flying around the world and country giving divisive speeches to his fan base on the taxpayers' dime. This is not leadership. His economic plan going forward is to invest, that is spend money we don't have, in infrastructure, education and green jobs training. Isn't that what the $850 billion stimulus was for? Where did that money go? In the pockets of the special interest groups and others who helped get him elected. Now he wants to do it again?

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Both U.S. Senate candidates have stated their commitment to generating economic growth in Connecticut. How much impact do you think a senator realistically has on the local economy?
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A senator can have a huge impact by securing grants and government contracts, as well as advocating for larger reforms.
I wouldn't say senators have no impact, but their influence is very limited.
Please, a senator never did anything for this guy.
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