Take timeout Groton on road bond issue

When faced with funding roads, the Groton Town Council and the RTM have routinely cut appropriations to lessen taxpayer expense. We have not managed to reduce spending in the major cost centers in town, which is where the majority of dollars reside. Instead, maintenance is an easy surrogate to reduce or postpone.

We know that Pfizer is diminishing its presence in Groton. The town manager recently stated, "Almost every source of revenue is down." Unless an archangel intervenes, $2.1 million in tax revenues will be lost with the demolition of a major facility on the Pfizer campus. Why add $2.3 million in bond interest expense when an alternative exists?

My suggestion at this point is that the road-maintendance bond issue be defeated next Tuesday because I believe there is a willingness by the council and RTM to now consider fully funding our road projects. The bond issue should be put in abeyance until we see if this proves out during budget deliberations.

The town manager can give us information on roads needing priority work, just as he would if they were scheduled in any upcoming bond issue. We have little to lose by this wait-and-see approach.

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