Eagerly, Breathlessly Awaited: Koster's Fave Albums of 2012 (buy 'em now!)

This was a truly fine year for music. As always, I will not bend to the moronic trend, as practiced by too many arts writers, to brazenly assert "The Best Albums of the Year."

There is no way these presumtuous dolts can have in any fashion listened to every album released this year — and certainly not in comprehensive fashion. You don't know, then, whether they're best or not because you haven't heard everything.

I will see all of your severed heads hefted skyward on pikes!

Meanwhile, in random order, here are the records I enjoyed most in 2012. My ears smiled continually from January through December.

Fog Electric by North Atlantic Oscillation (K-scope)

Storm Corrosion by Storm Corrosion (Roadrunner)

Weather Systems by Anathema (K-scope)

That's Why God Made the Radio by the Beach Boys (Capitol)

It's Not the Weapon But the Hand by Richard Barbieri and Steven Hogarth (K-scope)

Beautiful Friction by The Fixx (Kirtland Records)

Between the Time and Tides by Lee Ranaldo (Matador Records)

From the Village to the Vale by Autumn Chorus (The Record Office)

Sounds That Can't be Made by Marillion (Eagle Rock Entertainment)

Sceneries by Sylvan (Sylvan Music)

Plays Sgt. Pepper by the Andy Timmons Group (Favored Nations)*

Just Visitng by Jeff Clark (independent release)*

Octane Twisted by Porcupine Tree (K-scope, double live CD/DVD)

* These artists are actually pals of mine. Still wonderful music, though.

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