CD/DVD tip: Octane Twisted

Porcupine Tree
Roadrunner Records

Once I get beyond Hendrix, the Beatles and the Beach Boys into the greater realm, it's fair to say Crowded House and Porcupine Tree are probably my two favorite bands. It's also fair to say - and this is only my suspicion but it makes sense - that both the House and PT may well be finished. If indeed leader Steve Wilson pulls the plug on Porcupine Tree, this live double-CD/DVD set is a helluva way to go out. Recorded during the 2009 tour for "The Incident," a wonderfully melodic, ambitious and complex song-cycle, "Octane Twisted" presents the band at its best. Disc one of the CDs is the breathtaking, straight-through performance of "The Incident" while the second includes "encore" performances of such earlier tunes as "Russia On Ice" and "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here." The DVD is the entire "Incident" set, and the sound, light, effects and musical presentation is just an all-world treat.



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