Marshall Tucker Band plays the Wolf Den

Marshall Tucker Band members, from left, are BB Borden, Pat Elwood, Marcus Henderson, Doug Gray, Chris Hicks and Rick Willis.

Only vocalist Doug Gray remains of the original six members of South Carolina's Marshall Tucker Band. But this isn't one of those situations where "creative differences" or drugs or alcohol or new-found religion broke up the group.

Sadly, most of the founding MTB folks passed away very prematurely; one can hardly blame Gray for carrying on in fine Southern spirit.

The latest incarnation of the Marshall Tucker Band plays a free show Saturday in the Mohegan Sun Wolf Den. Expect recitations of such faves as "This Ol' Cowboy," "Silverado," "Heard It in a Love Song," "Fire On the Mountain" - as well as "Can't You See," which, in 2009, was named by Ultimate Classic Rock magazine as the Greatest Southern Rock Song Ever Recorded.


Marshall Tucker Band, 8 p.m. Saturday, Mohegan Sun Wolf Den; free; 1-888-664-3426,


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