Readying for Automated Trash, Single Stream Recycling Collection

Brown barrels for trash and blue barrels for recyclables will be dropped off at resident's homes during the week of Jan. 14, as the town of North Branford readies to begin weekly Automated Trash and Single Stream Recycling collection.

Call it Auto-Trash and Robo-Recycling: this month, the Town of North Branford begins its new Automated Trash and Single Stream Recycling collection service.

The town has awarded the collection contract to John's Refuse and Recycling Service of Northford. To get residents started, John's will be delivering a new blue (recycling) and brown (trash) barrel to every home in town during the week of Jan. 14. 

"The barrels will be dropped off the same day as a resident's trash is picked up," but not neccessarily at the same time as trash pick-up, explained Interim Town Manager Bonnie Therrien.

Then, during the week of Jan. 21, the new collection service, using the brown and blue barrels, will begin. All residents will keep their regular weekly pick-up schedule and must begin using the new barrels.

The new barrels, also called "carts," can each hold up to 95-gallons of trash or recyclables. Each squared-off plastic container has been shaped for better stability, with a fitted lid to keep out pests. The carts are wheeled for easy toting.  

Each new cart will arrive with a flyer inside explaining guidelines for collection, said Therrien. 

She noted residents should space the carts slightly apart when they are brought out to the curb for collection. Carts also need to be placed as close as possible to the curb to allow trucks with automated arms to lift and dump each one.  Residents are asked not to overfill carts or pack them too tightly. Also, do not paint or write on carts.

The new single stream recycling program allows a mix of recyclables, such as plastics numbered 1-7 and clean paper products, to be tossed into one cart. All recyclable materials should be mixed loose in the blue recycling cart (no sorting or separation of recycled materials necessary). Cardboard and paperboard should be flattened to conserve space; food and beverage containers rinsed clean; and shredded paper secured in brown paper grocery bags. No plastic bags or trash can be placed in the recycling cart.


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