Going "Viral"

Sitting on the lap of his mother Ellen, Alexander Dyjak, 4, reacts as nurse Kris Magnussen, RN, administers the flu vaccine during a vaccination clinic at Ledge Light Health District on Broad St. in New London Thursday, January 10, 2013.

The Day is a member paper in the Associated Press (AP) and as a member of this giant cooperative of news outlets across the country and the world we are obligated to share our work with the other members.

Sometimes that sharing is done by request of other members who know we have something they want to use as well, sometimes it's at the behest of editors at the AP who count on members to cover events and news that the AP's staff is not adequate to cover.l

Sometimes members just offer what they have because they think it's something that might be of interest.

Thursday of last week I had just that sort of thought. The Centers for Disease Control had issued a statement that the flu season was kicking-in early and intensely this year and that the influenza vaccination was being strongly recommended.

I had been assigned to illustrate a story for The Day by photographing a vaccination clinic at Ledge Light Health District offices in New London. That is where I made this image of four-year old Alexander Dyjak and his family getting their shots.

Before going home I sent two of my photos from that coverage to the AP because I felt like I had a couple photos that well-illustrated the story. How was I to know at least two other editors would agree?

On Friday afternoon I got an e-mail from a reader congratulating me on my photo appearing on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. A while later I also heard that the same photo was used on a blog on The New Yorker's web site.

It's always nice when someone else out there thinks one of my photos is worth publishing.

And for the record, I have had my flu shot. Have you?

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