DaRos: Stay Inside, Off Roads Until Saturday Afternoon

Branford's town center was already seeing reduced traffic as snow began falling steadily early Friday morning.

At noon today, First Selectman Anthony “Unk” DaRos issued a storm update to residents asking everyone to stay indoors through Saturday afternoon (Feb. 9) and not to travel unless it’s absolutely an emergency.

The town’s emergency operation center is now open; and all town departments including the library, are now closed, said DaRos.

“This could be a very serious storm,” said DaRos in his statement, sent out by phone message to residents.

DaRos noted the area’s now expecting  to be hit by extremely heavy snowfall  which could be over 2 feet, coupled with severe winds that could be  up to 70 miles per hour. The town expects moderate coastal flooding up to four feet above normal high tides (Feb. 8 high tide predicted for approximately 9:30 p.m.). Snowfall rates may be up to five inches per hour with zero visibility.

The town is also requesting all residents voluntarily avoid parking in the road; and if needed, park only on the odd side of the road. Violators could be fined $90 and have their vehicle towed.

DaRos is advising residents to be prepared to “shelter in place.” The town’s shelter, at the Branford Community House (46 Church St.) will not open until Saturday afternoon (Feb. 9) and will open “…only if they’re needed,” said DaRos.

Residents can call the shelter information line at (203) 315-3909 for pre-recorded information to determine if the shelter is open.

DaRos said all town departments are fully prepared for the severe weather and that private contractors are standing by to assist with storm response. Residents can get additional updates at  www.branfordct-gov or  www.branfordpolice.com  Branford Police Captain Geoff Morgan can be contacted at (203) 315-3194 if needed, said DaRos, who ended his noon update by reassuring residents, “…just hunker down and well get through this thing just fine.”


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