Help Tate Celebrate with a Play Date

Tate survived cancer treatment but the expense may be too much for other pet owners. His owner, Carrie Potoff, is organizing a fundraiser for a treatment fund at North Branford's The Metro Pooch on April 7.

A shoreline resident, Carrie Potoff, is planning an April 7 play date for dogs at North Branford's The Metro Pooch to help owners of pets with cancer pay for lifesaving treatment that they otherwise couldn't afford.

One hundred percent of proceeds from "Woof"($50) and "Bark" ($25) admission donations will go to fund to benefit treatment of dogs and cats from low-income homes in need of financial assistance. Potoff's pet, Tate, is a cancer survivor who benefited from treatment which saved his life.

"Our mission is to raise awareness while raising funds to help support those families who choose to treat their pet's cancer, however, find themselves burdened by some of the insurmountable expenses associated with cancer-related therapy," said Potoff, who sent the following letter to The Sound:

Feb. 8, 2013

Imagine if your dog or cat was one of the 6 million companion animals each year diagnosed with a life threatening disease such as cancer. How devastating this news would be for you. Your decision to treat or not treat could mean life or death for your beloved best friend.

From diagnostic testing to chemotherapy to medications; pet parents often find it difficult to justify spending thousands of dollars on their dog or cat. Many people do not have the financial means to supplement the high price of treatment. What would you do if you were faced with this predicament?

Tate and I lived through this heartache first hand. My 4-year old best friend was diagnosed with Stage IV B-Cell Lymphoma last summer. Without treatment, Tate would have been gone within a month or two. The odds may have been against us but I decided that if he could tolerate the protocol and his quality-of-life would not be compromised, then I was going to give him every opportunity to live.

Tate's Play Date is an event which celebrates Tate and his survival. Six months in remission and stronger than ever - hair grown back, chasing chipmunks and up to his usual antics! Play for a purpose - raising funds to help support families who choose to treat their dog or cat's cancer but may not be able to afford some of the insurmountable expenses associated with the treatment.

This benefit will be held at The Metro Pooch, a luxury hotel, day camp and spa for dogs in North Branford on Sunday, April 7, 2012 from 11-2pm. It will be an afternoon of fun and good will. The doggie play date will be open to well-behaved dogs (sorry kitty cats this is a dogs only event) and their trained owners! Your dog will get to play with scores of other dogs in a clean and safe environment, while you mingle with fellow dog lovers and enjoy seeing your pooch have the time of their life – reuniting with old buddies and meeting new friends!

Donors will have two options to be admitted to this much anticipated event: the Woof admission, a $50 donation and the Bark admission, a $25 donation. All donors will have the opportunity to win valuable and fun giveaways. 100% of the proceeds that you help raise will go directly into a designated fund created solely to support local, low income owners of dogs and cats who are being treated for various cancers.

This could be your opportunity to make a real difference in the life of a dog or cat diagnosed with cancer. So please, help these innocent little creatures and their pet parents who love them so much!

Thank you for your support!

Carrie and Tate

P.S. Register and/or donate today at before the event is sold out! Check out the venue at . Please pass this message along to anyone you may know who loves and appreciates animals!


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