Galbraith wins re-election as mayor in Groton City

Mayor Marian Galbraith, right, receives a hug from her neighbor Sue Bergeron as City Clerk Debra J. Patrick, left, looks on after the polling numbers were tallied at the Boilermakers Union Hall in Groton Monday.

Groton — Democratic incumbent Mayor Marian Galbraith secured a second term Monday, defeating Republican challenger James Streeter.

Meanwhile, Republicans gained one seat on the council with the election of two of their candidates.

“I feel great. I’m very honored to have the confidence of the residents of the city,” Galbraith said. “I’m proud to have run a positive campaign and looking forward to working with the new council to move forward with the progress the city deserves.”

Galbraith defeated Streeter, 852-696.

For the City Council, voters elected four Democrats and two Republicans.

Former Democrat turned Republican Jay Dempsey, a land surveyor, was the top vote-getter with 838 votes. Keith Hedrick, who was the sole Republican on the council, was also re-elected.

Also elected to the council were incumbent Democrats Lawrence Gerrish, Andrew Ilvento and William Jervis along with newcomer Stephen Sheffield. Deputy Mayor Celeste Duffy and David Hale did not seek re-election.

Much of the Republican energy in the race came from the failed cable venture, Thames Valley Communications. Republicans contended that Galbraith knew about the losses but failed to disclose them promptly to the public. Galbraith said she found a solution to the problem and bailed the city out.

Voters interviewed at the polls said they were aware of the issue and still supported Galbraith.

Kevin Ball, lead cook at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, said, “If there is any blame it should have been shared,” by members of both parties.

Traci Goe, a local business owner, said she’d known Galbraith for many years.

“I just find her to be an up-front and honest person. She doesn’t sugar coat,” Goe said.

Erin Balbuena, a pharmacy technician, said Galbraith was her eighth-grade teacher 10 years ago.

“I like that she is focused on cleaning up the town,” She had a cleanup day at Eastern Point Beach and she’s (working on) Thames Street. I think it’s important she takes care of this place.”

Debra J. Patrick, who ran unopposed for the position of City Clerk, received 1,141 votes.

Republican mayoral candidate James Streeter, center, reacts after numbers are tallied at the Republican headquarters Monday.
Republican mayoral candidate James Streeter, center, reacts after numbers are tallied at the Republican headquarters Monday.

Groton City election results

Marian K. Galbraith (D) 852*
James L. Streeter (R) 696

City Clerk
Debra J. Patrick (D) 1,141*

City Council
Jay J. Dempsey (R) 838*
Andrew J. Ilvento (D) 823*
Keith Hedrick (R) 783*
William E. Jervis (D) 777*
Stephen T. Sheffield (D) 768*
Lawrence W. Gerrish (D) 749*
Jackie Massett (R) 723
Robert L. Zuliani (R) 717
Lori T. Hesch (D) 714
Michael R. Boucher (R) 705
Gina M. Fafard (D) 695
Kevin G. Trejo (R) 618

*denotes winner


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