Stop Tabor Reports Reasons

Many Stop Tabor residents attended a March Board of Selectmen's meeting, resulting in First Selectman "Unk" DaRos's offering a private meeting to further discuss issues. During the meeting on April 30, Stop Tabor organizer Fred Russo delivered a report to DaRos listing more than 40 "compelling reasons" against building a new Public Works facility on town-owned Tabor land.

Stop Tabor organizer Fred Russo has provided The Sound with a copy of a report listing reasons why Branford should not build a new Public Works facility on town-owned Tabor land.

Russo shared the report with First Selectman Anthony "Unk" DaRos on April 30, when the two met to discuss concerns of more than 600 residents comprising Stop Tabor. The report shows what the group considers "fatal flaws" in the reasoning behind selecting the Tabor parcel as the best location for the facility. The report was published on Zip06 and is available to the right of this story.

The report includes more than 40 reasons gathered from input given by Tabor-area neighbors and residents represented by Stop Tabor. A main concern revolves around the group's perceived inconsistencies in a matrix used by the Public Works Building Committee (PWBC) to research and score all potential sites. Matrix results were a deciding factor in the PWBC's decision to recommend the Tabor site in 2012.

The report also cites residents' concerns with issues involving traffic, safety, property value, neighborhood, flooding, cost to taxpayers, distorted committee results, transparency, credibility, and town-related and Tabor-related issues. In addition, it brings forth conflicting and contradictory statements that have become part of the record.


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