Carlos Diaz

Multimedia journalist

Carlos Diaz

Carlos Díaz is a cinematographer and editor from Puerto Rico who works as a Day multimedia journalist. Graduated from The American Film Institute with and MFA in Cinematography. His Thesis film was short-listed for the student Academy Awards. Received the Technicolor Grant and Panavision Grant. Was mentored by Bill Dill ASC, Robert Primes ASC and Stephen Lighthill, president of the ASC. Drawing from his background in experimental media and traditional narrative structures, he explores the life breath of an image and how to translate the words of story into the visual. His projects have ranged from narrative films to music videos, documentaries, commercials for corporate sponsors such as Gatorade and Sprint, and Video Art for international conceptual artists Allora&Calzadilla and Tania Brugueras. His images have been shown at the MOMA, Istanbul Biennial, Whitney Biennial, Amsterdam International Documentary Festival, Havana Film Festival, appeared in MTVLa, and the documentary series ART 21.


By Carlos Diaz