‘Shape of Water's’ Richard Jenkins on the mastery of Guillermo del Toro and loving Sally Hawkins

Richard Jenkins, director Guillermo del Toro and Sally Hawkins on the set of "The Shape of Water." (Kerry Hayes/Twentieth Century Fox)

With 70-odd movies and a couple of dozen TV projects under his belt, Richard Jenkins gets recognized fairly often. Still, when people stop him on the street or tap him on the shoulder on an airplane, they can’t always quite place him.




Saved by courage, kindness, and a star

On a frigid December night in the North Carolina wilderness, Thomas Wolfe was suffering from exhaustion, starvation, and an injured ankle.

Snowshoeing with the champions

A couple winters ago, Patti Dillon, bored with her regular exercise regimen, decided to try snowshoes designed for running, so she went online, researched several brands, found a model she liked and or-dered a pair.