Robert Redford takes a walk through his classic buddy roles

When Robert Redford first acquired the film rights to Bill Bryson’s memoir “A Walk in the Woods,” he knew exactly who he wanted to play his Appalachian Trail hiking comrade: Paul Newman.




The naked truth about medicine

Some years ago, my son Dillon attended Bard College, a very liberal arts college where, apparently, clothing is optional.

Rick's List - Delicious history edition

Latest exercise in observational shenanigans by The Day's resident literary schmo.



Story of daughter’s move back home is altered in the telling

DEAR ABBY: My sister-in-law quit her job and moved into my in-laws’ basement six years ago.

Wife has all the company she needs in her electronic devices

DEAR ABBY: My wife and I have been married 22 years, and we had a good marriage until recently.

Wife in loveless marriage longs for intimate romance

DEAR ABBY: The wedding night I had dreamed about forever was supposed to be the most romantic and amazing of my life with the one person I can’t live without.

Wife won’t share her workday after husband shuts her out

DEAR ABBY: I have been married for 36 years to a woman who is a pediatric physical therapist.

Wife with wandering husband must track down legal advice

DEAR ABBY: I’m nearly 100 percent sure my husband is cheating on me.

Surgery douses man’s fire, leaving his wife in the cold

DEAR ABBY: Eleven years ago my husband had a prostatectomy, which left him impotent.

Social anxiety prevents teen from stepping out of the closet

DEAR ABBY: I am a lesbian, still in high school, who has not yet come out to any friends or family.


Your stars - Aug. 28

VIRGO: Connecting with someone from your past will open up talks that will remind you of old goals and dreams you once had.