Michael Tucker acted at the O’Neill and now returns as a playwright

"Assisted Living," which is Michael Tucker's second play, is a story about three retirement-aged couples who are best friends. After meeting up together at a farm in upstate New York to celebrate the birthdays of the three husbands, the group starts to wonder whether they should all live together.




Birds and the gypsy moth outbreak

How did you fare during the gypsy moth caterpillar outbreak? I guess everybody got tired of sweeping tiny bits of leaves off their steps, hosing down their cars, and slipping on the millions of droppings. My neighborhood was so bad that the trees...

Rick's List - Fun with Business Names Edition

I was at lunch the other day at Wendy's — giving the wait staff at Bar Americain a bit of a break from my admittedly rude daily visits where I consume Duck Confit with Sour Cherries and Brandy Sauce ($35) and then leave a 75-cent...



Dad suspects he's judged for his stay-at-home status

DEAR ABBY: I'm at my wits' end. I have been unemployed for almost two years. My wife has been working during that time. We have two girls I take care of as a stay-at-home dad. Although I have consistently searched for work, I...

Irresponsible boyfriend earns nothing but woman's anger

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend cheated on me the whole time I was pregnant last year. He lived in Florida, and I lived in Missouri. He didn't make it back for our son's birth like he promised. Now that he's back, he stays out all...

Mixed messages from mom have teen looking for clarity

DEAR ABBY: I'm 17. My mom and I often disagree on things. Don't get me wrong -- I don't care what she does in her free time, but lately I have learned she's talking to people about bisexuality. I don't know how to handle this or...

Dad can't be thanked enough for helping daughter pay bills

DEAR ABBY: My wife and I have been married just over a year. It's the second marriage for both of us. Since our wedding, my father-in-law continually "reminds" us that he helped my wife financially after her divorce. He does it...

Wife with sketchy memory depends on husband for help

DEAR ABBY: When my wife was 17 (she's now 54), she was in a car accident. She and her three friends were high and drunk. She suffered two skull fractures, which have affected her memory. She thinks it's my job to remind her of...


Your stars July 27

Your stars July 27