Market Day moves indoors

If you think farmers markets are only warm-weather destinations, think again. Stonington boasts one of the biggest winter indoor markets in the state with more fresh produce than you'd ever imagine possible at this time of year - and everything else you need to stock your refrigerator,...



Quinnipiac’s Irish Famine museum to launch digital database

Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum at Quinnipiac University is launching a digital database with about 1,500 articles and illustrations related to Ireland and the Great Famine.


Check out asteroid Hebe

Just outside the orbit of Mars, an asteroid large enough to be observed this month with binoculars or a small telescope is emerging into view.

Confessions of a memorabiliac

There are plenty of folks who aren't "hoarders" but nonetheless fiercely hold on to an item or two that might seem illogical to someone else. I call these people memorabiliacs — and, yes, I count myself a member of this august...


Internet obsession threatens to consume widower’s life

DEAR ABBY: I am a 58-year-old recent widower. My wife and I were very happy for 29 years, and that included a satisfying sex life.

Vigilant mother is devastated by news of son’s molestation

DEAR ABBY: I’m so upset. I just found out my son was molested by one of his older cousins.

Marriage idea loses its luster after plans were put on hold

DEAR ABBY: Recently, our state became one that allows same-sex couples to wed. My partner, “Alex,” and I have been together for 18 years.

Wife is in a pickle packing lunches for choosy husband

DEAR ABBY: My husband works, but I do not. I stay very busy, but he expects me to pack him a lunch every day.

Mom recruits family to make holiday happy for a co-worker

DEAR ABBY: I work with a wonderful, good-hearted young woman who holds a low-paying job.

Father and son stay in touch with cellphone tracking app

DEAR ABBY: I have a 17-year-old son. He spends half his time with me and the other half with his mom. My question is about his cellphone.

Community theater provides stage for couple’s love story

DEAR ABBY: You sometimes print letters from people who are looking to meet decent, honorable and interesting other people.


Your stars - Dec. 17

SAGITTARIUS: Good fortune is heading your way, but the temptation to be a spendthrift will be overpowering.