Restaurant review: The Gris has still got it in Essex

Like the downtown area in which it resides, the Griswold Inn has retained its charm throughout the years.

More local beers provide safe harbor for craft drinkers

It’s a rare opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the birth of a beer, but that’s what happened earlier this month at a tasting at Thames River Wine & Spirits in New London.

Green up your morning with avocado-lime muffin treats

The creamy-fatty texture of avocado is great for use in baked goods in place of other fats.

Peckish for pesto? Do it yourself with dill

Using a simple formula, you can use just about any herb or green (or combination) to make a tasty pesto perfect for pasta, seafood, dipping bread, spooning over a hot soup, or any other favorite way to use pesto.





Messenger to Mercury

By the time this column runs, NASA’s Messenger spacecraft should have run out of fuel and slammed into the planet Mercury’s surface at around 9,000 miles per hour.

Night flights bring in spring’s first songbirds

For us who have known the frigid mornings, the deep February snow and the short dark days in long shadows, the melody of the first songbird of spring is a joyful moment not soon forgotten.