The 10 worst kinds of Halloween candy

The worst Halloween candy list from a survey by

An oniony tarte tatin is one-pan heaven

Onion, Walnut And Mushroom Tarte Tatin MUST CREDIT: Photo for the Washington Post by Renee Comet

Here's an ease-into-fall appetizer that will make you look like a culinary rock star, even with entry-level skills and not much time to spend in the kitchen.

We couldn't stop eating this chicken salad

Chicken and Vegetable Salad With Asian Dressing. MUST CREDIT: Photo by Goran Kosanovic for The Washington Post.

This salad of shredded chicken tossed with a colorful slaw of red bell pepper, green cabbage and carrot is designed to hold up well in the refrigerator, so it is an ideal make-ahead dinner, packed lunch or potluck party dish. The key is to store its aromatic and Asian-inspired dressing separately,...





Mystic’s ties to early Key West

You might think that places like Mystic and Key West — 1,550 miles and four climate zones apart — wouldn’t have a shared past, but they do.

Rick's List - The Modern Social Contract edition

Recently, buying my wife a birthday present, the check-out interrogation by the sales clerk wasn't all that much fun — and not just because she had a voice that reminded me of someone stepping on a turkey. It was because the...