Flashing back on recent dining reviews

Our food writers highlight recent excursions to area restaurants.

Tank up at Mystic's M Bar

There are so many reasons to check out M Bar in Mystic that I think I’ll have to start from the outside in.

Fine food, service and atmosphere at Bogue’s Alley

The Bogue's Alley menu markets the Pawcatuck establishment as "A Well Rounded Market and Deli." A browse through the two-page breakfast and lunch offerings, and you'll see that characterization is spot-on.

Weekend dining options: From lobster bisque to quesadillas to patra

The Day's dining critics look back at the venues they've reviewed recently.

A visit to Caffe NV is an any-time triumph

Caffe NV in Waterford continues to excel with a creative menu based around Mediterranean comfort food, and the warm service and atmosphere help create a reliably good time.

Feed your senses at Saybrook's Shakahari

It was 18 degrees the night we went for dinner at Shakahari in Old Saybrook.

Something to Savour in Centerbrook

Sometimes the name of an eatery is all it takes to get me in the door.

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