Penny Lane: hearty, well-made meals at an unassuming pub

While fanfare is often reserved for the chic, here-today-gone-tomorrow restaurants that serve "transparent ravioli," "modernist foams," and "multi-sensory" air crisps, there's truly nothing better than a hearty, well-made meal at an unassuming, classic pub.

Reach new heights of flavor at Himalaya Cafe

Recent trips to Himalaya Café in Old Saybrook have taught me a few things: paneer is excellent when it’s grilled; falooda is a very interesting Indian dessert; and very, very nice and talented people are in charge of the place.

Recent dining reviews by Day critics

Excerpts from recent restaurant reviews by our food writers.

Enjoy breakfast and lunch at Westerly's scenic B&B Dockside

Hard to the Pawcatuck River, B&B Dockside offers convivial lunch and breakfast and a damned nice view.

Go Fish gets even better with its new iteration

When I heard word recently that a brand-spanking, new and improved Go Fish had reopened following renovations, my reaction was similar to that of a friend after seeing a TV spot on the Dominoes Pizza rebranding of a few years back:"Doms got better? I thought Doms was always good."

Dining roundup: a look back at our critics' recent reviews

Karma Kitchen & Juicery 15 Holmes St., Mystic (860) 536-7233 Off the main drag and located in a bright and open space on Holmes Street in Mystic, Karma Kitchen & Juicery is a solid bet for the types of smoothies, cold pressed juices, and...

Ivy's Simply Homemade boasts wonderful take-home food options

Ivy's Simply Homemade, the gourmet food-to-go market in Waterford, is a convenient, reasonably priced place to get a stunning array of entrees, sandwiches and sides.

Karma Kitchen tempts with smoothies and healthy options

The food section of the menu offers some tasty, healthy and light options for patrons, which I'll dive into a little later, but the true adventure and wider array of choices at Karma Kitchen lie in its list of smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and lemonades.

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Mystic’s ties to early Key West

You might think that places like Mystic and Key West — 1,550 miles and four climate zones apart — wouldn’t have a shared past, but they do.

Rick's List - The Modern Social Contract edition

Recently, buying my wife a birthday present, the check-out interrogation by the sales clerk wasn't all that much fun — and not just because she had a voice that reminded me of someone stepping on a turkey. It was because the...