New Niantic cafe is a welcome presence in the village

Offering a simple but beautifully prepared menu, Niantic's Lillian's Cafe is a welcome culinary presence.

A visit to Saybrook's culinary 'Cove'

Old Lyme may have its Hideaway, but Old Saybrook has its own cozy warren that might tempt diners across the Baldwin Bridge.

You'll enjoy a brighter, better Mambo in New London

Mambo Bar & Restaurant on Bank Street in New London first came onto my radar screen a few years back, when I discovered their highly mobile beef, and chicken patties made a quick and delicious lunch or snack to take along on a mid-day jaunt.

At Vesta Bakery, a sure hand and a good dough

Like a dip in cool pool on a sweltering, humid day, just one deep breath inside this earnest operation triggers all your best olfactory memories and makes you believe that everything just got a little bit better.

New London’s Exchange embraces new approach to service, food

The Exchange Bar & Grill in New London, known for years as a late-night party spot, has expanded their focus to service and food.

Variety at The Ivory makes for fun return trip

Tell people you live in or near Deep River, and they’ll likely ask you if you go to The Ivory pub “all the time.”

Pick Pockets is the place for delicious "fast food"

Despite some strides, fast food that's also good for you is still far from ubiquitous. For all the forays companies have made into giving us quick and healthy options, many can be summed up by John Oliver's assessment of a McDonald's salad: like trimmings from Ronald McDonald's lawnmower. Enter the...

At Frank's Gourmet Grille, good food, not fancy

In sheer quantity, seafood bested pasta — chunks of lobster and swordfish, large shrimp, silky fresh scallops, swaddled in a fresh basil, garlic and pine nut blanket. Luxurious and delicious.

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Timothy Green wrote history’s headlines

I was cleaning out a box of old papers when I found an 18 pence note printed in 1776 by Hall and Sellers, successors to Benjamin Franklin’s Philadelphia printing business.

Rick's List: Maddening Cliches edition

Lunatic focuses on two of society's more maddening cliches.