Calling all gardeners

If you’re in need of some gardening inspiration or camaraderie with fellow gardeners, Connecticut College is the place to be Saturday. More than 300 people are expected to attend the Connecticut Master Gardener Association (CMGA) twenty-fourth annual symposium, which this year focuses on...

rick's list - bogus heart attack warning edition

Pundit opens email even though he knows better.

Rick's List - Beard Edition

Newsroom chowderhead ponders "to shave or not to shave"

Gardeners on a mission

It’s one of my favorite harbingers of spring in southern Connecticut: the friendly, informative email from organizers of Common Good Gardens, alerting volunteers and followers of what needs to be done in next in their vegetable garden behind Grace Episcopal Church in Old...

Growing up fast on Burrows Street

Childhood isn’t always the carefree time it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes things happen that force kids to grow up quickly. On a warm, drowsy June day in 1848 one knock on a schoolhouse door propelled 9 year-old Daniel Burrows into adulthood.

A flying mouse? No, it's a brown creeper

If you ever see a small brown mouse climbing up a tree and then fly away, you might at first think you are hallucinating. Perhaps, you were half in your cups, tired from too much work, suffering from seasonal affect disorder or severe cabin fever? But that might not be the case. You may have just...





See one, do one, teach one

So much of medical education is based on the following dictum: "see one, do one, teach one." Drawing blood. Lancing an abscess. Suturing a laceration. Sticking a needle into the jugular vein. Like most doctors in training, I saw one,...

Never such snows in the memory of man

If you endure rather than enjoy New England winters, turn up the thermostat and grab a mug of hot coffee while you read this story of two epic winters.

Cruise with the eagles

Once again, Connecticut River Museum in Essex and Connecticut River Expeditions’ RiverQuest have teamed up to provide weekly wildlife and eagle watch cruises on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through mid-March.

Rick’s List: Therapeutic Distraction Edition

Pundit ponders possibilities of therapeutic interruption.

Cozy up with roost-box residents

In a world where few things can be counted on I have found one simple yet intriguing ritual that occurs each day at sunset.

Rick’s List: Inauguration Entertainment Edition

Rick Koster offers weekly lists of ideas, notions and things that must be seen to be believed.