Rick's List - Solar Eclipse Edition

There are certain things in our culture that are accepted as Truly Big Moments to be anticipated by everyone. 1. July 4th fireworks 2. Black Friday shopping fun 3. The Super Bowl 4. That convo with an elderly relative: burial or cremation? Just kidding about that...

Into the wild: thrill vs. trepidation

When the four of us launched our kayaks into the turbulent, remote waters of Quebec’s Manicouagan Lake a couple weeks ago we severed ties with civilization: No electricity, no cellphone service and as it turned out, not one other human for more than 100 miles.

George Washington: 18th-century road warrior

George Washington had a low opinion of the quality of early American roads, and he would know because he bumped and bounced down so many of them. Not only were the roads bad, but maps were often nonexistent; in the Carolinas he sometimes had to draw his own. Once he complained in frustration,...

rick's list - Behind Great Quotes Edition

Where do you suppose René Descartes was when he uttered his immortal "Cogito ergo sum"? History suggests the phrase was first made public in text as part of Descartes' "Discourse on Method." But something THAT profound probably wasn't just scribbled off the top...

Wolf spiders, snakes, bats and other intruders

The other day, just as I prepared to slip on a pair of running shorts that been draped over a deck railing, I noticed something moving.





Rick's List - Travel Woes Edition

More complaints about Koster's misery through the prism of a recent trip to Denver

The evolutionary war

Evolution was cruel when it invented puberty.

Malloy wisely avoids a Chris Christie debacle

Whatever your opinion of Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy as the state struggles with a financial crisis that has forced it to cut the hours of some parks, beaches and campgrounds, at least he hasn’t been as stupid, arrogant and frankly,...

Rick's List - Celeb-in-a-Box Edition

Pop culture gossips and celebrity junkies devoted mucho speculative space last week to a rumor that musician Taylor Swift, desperate to leave her Tribeca apartment without having to deal with paparazzi, had two members of her private crew of...

Birds and the gypsy moth outbreak

How did you fare during the gypsy moth caterpillar outbreak? I guess everybody got tired of sweeping tiny bits of leaves off their steps, hosing down their cars, and slipping on the millions of droppings. My neighborhood was so bad that the trees...

Rick's List - Fun with Business Names Edition

I was at lunch the other day at Wendy's — giving the wait staff at Bar Americain a bit of a break from my admittedly rude daily visits where I consume Duck Confit with Sour Cherries and Brandy Sauce ($35) and then leave a 75-cent...