Dr. Jon Gaudio

Data overload

I am weary of all this nutty data we seem obligated to collect. In med school, when you didn’t know what to do about a patient, you just dug deeper and collected more data. Which is why medical students write the longest notes in the hospital chart and document everything from the...

Rick Koster

Rick's List - Dawn of the Geezer edition

It's starting to happen. I've caught myself, more and more, vocalizing observations that, heretofore, would have been stuff I only thought to myself. Granted, these are softly spoken, and I doubt anyone can hear what I'm saying, but it's also true that I have no control over the...

Steve Fagin

A half-century of preserving the land

After hours of scrambling up and down ledges, bushwhacking through underbrush and clambering over stone walls in flurries and sub-20-degree temperatures, our group reached an apparent impasse earlier this week: a tumbling, mostly frozen-over stream. "Come on," I joked. "It's only...

Carol Sommer

Saved by courage, kindness, and a star

On a frigid December night in the North Carolina wilderness, Thomas Wolfe was suffering from exhaustion, starvation, and an injured ankle.

Steve Fagin

Snowshoeing with the champions

A couple winters ago, Patti Dillon, bored with her regular exercise regimen, decided to try snowshoes designed for running, so she went online, researched several brands, found a model she liked and or-dered a pair.

Robert Tougias

Don't miss the rough-legged hawk

By now, many know about the great invasion of snowy owls taking place this season, but while birders flock to the coastline in search of these majestic owls, they may overlook other northern visitors. The little known rough-legged hawk, though not as large and powerful as the snowy, is an...





Dr. Jon Gaudio

Engineers, can you solve this?

While I may tease and harass engineers any chance I can, I will secretly acknowledge here that we need engineers because they are great problem fixers.

Rick Koster

Rick's List - Disciplinarian Edition

Rick's List - Disciplinarian Edition

Steve Fagin

Dress in layers and other stupid advice

After a decades-long study involving thousands of volunteers who participated in a closely monitored series of double-blind experiments, a team of medical, meteorological and biological researchers has concluded that wearing extra layers of clothing...

Steve Fagin

A lunatic polar plunge for the ages

As our merry band of nearly 150 colorfully clad runners blew noisemakers, sounded a bugle and shouted New Year’s greetings to passing motorists on Noank’s Groton Long Point Road Monday afternoon, a blast of Arctic wind roared through a...

Steve Fagin

On the cutting edge: Lumberjack Festival

You’d think that my buddy Ian Frenkel, who at nearly 7 feet tall and built like Paul Bunyan, would have been able to cut through a slender birch bough with a hand saw in about 4.2 seconds, but there he was, sweating and cursing while the...


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