Carol Sommer

Mystic’s ties to early Key West

You might think that places like Mystic and Key West — 1,550 miles and four climate zones apart — wouldn’t have a shared past, but they do.

Rick Koster

Rick's List - The Modern Social Contract edition

Recently, buying my wife a birthday present, the check-out interrogation by the sales clerk wasn't all that much fun — and not just because she had a voice that reminded me of someone stepping on a turkey. It was because the experience is now like...

Steve Fagin

Outdoor fun, outdoor work — It's all good

Now that summer is over — at least according to the calendar, not necessarily by the thermometer — we have to face the music and spend more time working in The Great Outdoors and less time playing.

Robert Tougias

The wonders of hummingbirds

When the days were long and the dusk ever-lasting, my woodlot rang loud with a deafening chorus of bird song. High in the canopy a red-eyed vireo sang incessantly, while dozens of neotropical migrants gleaned the foliage for insects. They held my wonder, but now that they are departing, it seems...

Rick Koster

Rick's List - The Moron Look edition

Until he popped up as a "politician," I never invested any time pondering Donald Trump. Now, as with the rest of the world, he's rarely out of my thoughts. It's small bit of solace that Donald and I have absolutely nothing in common. But wait! Secretary of State Tillerson apocryphally...

Steve Fagin

I get by on my birthday with a little help from my friends

On a whim way back during the Ford Administration, I decided to celebrate my 25th birthday by running a mile for every year. Either euphoria from over-stimulated endorphins or hypoxia that robbed my brain of an ability to think clearly led me to make the ritual an annual event.





Carol Sommer

Not in their town

On September 27, 1787, Cesar and Lowis Peters, and their children were boarding a boat headed from Norwich to South Carolina, when seven men galloped up. The constable and his posse had a warrant alleging that the Peters were thieves and must be...

Rick Koster

Rick's List - Hallmark Network's Fall Movies (same as it ever was) Edition

Amongst our early autumn rituals, my wife Eileen and I buy a pumpkin and cornstalks for the front porch, remove the AC window unit, and hide candy-baited bear-traps in the front yard in anticipation of trick-or-treaters. Oh, and we turn on...

Steve Fagin

Melania Trump's $1,380 blouse: The perfect garden attire

In such a toxic, divisive climate that has our president seemingly more preoccupied with kneeling football players than with hurricane victims in Puerto Rico it’s not surprising that the innocuous pastime of growing vegetables would further...

Dr. Jon Gaudio

Think of it as play

Every day, patients tell me their excuses why they can't eat healthier or exercise more, and each patient admits that their excuse is bogus. And yet, when it comes to obligations and routines, these same people are model citizens. They show up for...

Rick Koster

Rick's List - Exercising with Animals Edition

Progress, most of us would agree, is a good thing. It's cross-wired in our DNA that we as Thinking Persons evolve, spin-off new ideas, dream of and implement concepts that, to our parents or grandparents, would have seemed the exotic but...

Steve Fagin

A strait-forward paddle in the great Northwest

A light breeze rippled an azure Freshwater Bay as the three of us launched kayaks on a cloudless, balmy morning — ideal conditions along a channel often given to thick fog, gusty winds, crashing waves, tidal rips and driving rain.