Birds and the gypsy moth outbreak

How did you fare during the gypsy moth caterpillar outbreak? I guess everybody got tired of sweeping tiny bits of leaves off their steps, hosing down their cars, and slipping on the millions of droppings. My neighborhood was so bad that the trees are defoliated, but I refuse to let it get me down.

Rick's List - Fun with Business Names Edition

I was at lunch the other day at Wendy's — giving the wait staff at Bar Americain a bit of a break from my admittedly rude daily visits where I consume Duck Confit with Sour Cherries and Brandy Sauce ($35) and then leave a 75-cent tip — and a crew of guys came in to order...

So you think you know how to paddle a kayak

Kayaking is easy — simply hop in the cockpit, dip one end of the paddle in the water, pull, then dip the other end in, pull, and off you go. Really, it’s not rocket science. Oh, wait — you want to be able to turn, back up, avoid capsizing, or climb back in...

Rick's List - Axe Man Edition

Koster discusses "threatening as motif"

Score one for the bulls

I like to think of myself as reasonably sympathetic, but all the same I’m not rushing to send get-well cards to the scores of idiots injured during this week’s annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, an event that egregiously celebrates one of the “civilized”...

Walden's enduring serenity: Happy B'Day, H.D. Thoreau

As I plunged into the clear, azure water of Walden Pond, a blissful beatitude embraced me, and I wondered: Was this the spiritual force that inspired Henry David Thoreau to pen one of the most celebrated and influential books in American literature?





Diving horses, dancing, and other diversions

Imagine this. It’s summer. You’re young, single, and smartly attired in your Saturday night best. You’re on a ferry, The Summer Girl, coming from Noank or Masons Island to the Willow Point Casino in West Mystic for an evening...

My $847 tomato and other gardening adventures

Most of the time such relatively low-maintenance crops as tomatoes and kale are so simple to grow I wonder why everybody doesn’t have a few plants.

Rick's List - Unrestricted TV Viewing edition

Columnist settles in to watch stuff he wouldn't ordinarily see if his wife wasn't out of town

The gift of a grandchild

I was pretty sure I had lost my soul.

Running and chugging around the region

On any given day solitary figures lope along many of the region’s favorite routes — River Road in Mystic, Pequot Avenue in New London, the Niantic Bay Boardwalk, Mohegan Park in Norwich — embodying the iconic loneliness of the...

The perfect paddle: Kayaking around Fishers Island

Having kayaked over the years on virtually all major rivers and in sections of every state in the Northeast I’ve elevated several waterways to five-star status, including The St. John River, Rangeley Lakes and Muscongus Bay in Maine; Lake...