Streaming channels, the gifts that keep on giving

Looking for a holiday present that’s a perfect fit, procrastinator-friendly and a constant reminder of your generosity? Consider a gift subscription to one of the abundance of streaming choices that range from mainstream to niche.

The Grinch, Mariah Carey join the holiday TV festivities

Deck the TV with classic holiday shows, newcomers Mariah Carey, Bill Murray, 'Empire' stars

CBS drama ‘Code Black’ welcomes cast from ‘The Lion King’

The medical drama CBS’ “Code Black” gets a dose of Broadway magic this week when cast members from “The Lion King” — and one memorable Mufasa — end up in the emergency room.

‘Jessica Jones’ villain David Tennant relishes ‘liberty of immorality’

David Tennant well knows the way of the geek. The Scottish actor, so widely recognized as the Tenth Doctor by “Doctor Who’s” passionate fanbase, looks upon the Hollywood proliferation of live-action comic-book adaptations and understands.

Nat Geo movie tells gritty Pilgrims’ tale

With its political infighting, tip-of-the-arrow diplomacy and climactic decapitation scene, the National Geographic Channel’s film “Saints & Strangers” is the “Game of Thrones” version of the first Thanksgiving.






Timothy Green wrote history’s headlines

I was cleaning out a box of old papers when I found an 18 pence note printed in 1776 by Hall and Sellers, successors to Benjamin Franklin’s Philadelphia printing business.

Rick's List: Maddening Cliches edition

Lunatic focuses on two of society's more maddening cliches.