Lottery numbers - July 29, 2015


Lotteries for Tuesday, July 28

TUESDAY’S NUMBERS Connecticut: Play 3 Day: 890. Play 4 Day: 1105. 5 Card Cash: KD-2C-6D-2H-6H. Play 3 Night: 906. Play 4 Night: 6578. Cash 5: 10-14-18-31-35. Classic Lotto: 12-14-26-31-38-41. Rhode Island: Daily:...

Lotteries for Monday, July 27

MONDAY’S NUMBERS Connecticut: Play 3 Day: 973. Play 4 Day: 8048. 5 Card Cash: AS-7D-5H-6H-8S. Play 3 Night: 970. Play 4 Night: 6642. Cash 5: 4-6-23-25-35. Lucky-4-Life: 8-21-26-33-34. Lucky Ball: 12. Rhode Island: Daily:...




Taking stock of the season’s visitors

One by one the migrants arrived, as they have for ages, guided by stars, electro-magnetism and plenty of mystery.

Becoming a cancer patient

Part two in a series on life after a breast cancer diagnosis at age 31.


Family pet-sitter helps herself to homeowner’s possessions

DEAR ABBY: A trusted and beloved family member who takes care of my cats has been stealing things ...

Hidden security cameras are shocking surprise for daughter

DEAR ABBY: I’m a 19-year-old woman in college who still lives with my parents. I found out something several weeks ago that’s bothering me, and I need advice badly.

Woman discovers man’s eyes aren’t wandering by accident

DEAR ABBY: I am a 58-year-old, twice divorced, hard-working, middle-class female. I spend most of my time working and involved with my three adult children.

Wedding may be wrong time for found father to reappear

DEAR ABBY: I am 32 and getting married in a year. My biological father lives in Spain and has never been to the U.S. My mother met him when she was teaching English there.

Grandma’s pictures don’t make the cut in mom’s memory book

DEAR ABBY: Throughout my three grandchildren’s lives, I have picked them up from school, and attended school functions, games and activities in which they have participated. Their parents work, and I was helping out.

Wife fears husband’s health puts her future in jeopardy

DEAR ABBY: I am the 24/7 caregiver for my husband, “Earl.” We were both widowed when we married nine years ago.

Mom’s helpful hints become criticism in girlfriend’s ears

DEAR ABBY: I’m frustrated about how to connect with my young adult son’s 18-year-old girlfriend. He told me she has a bad relationship with her divorced parents, so he’s hoping we can bond. A problem...


Your stars - July 30

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Explore new avenues, but don’t make an impulsive change ...