Lottery Numbers — April 28, 2017

FRIDAY'S NUMBERS Connecticut: Play 3 Day: 646. Play 4 Day: 9288. Play 3 Night: 677. Play 4 Night: 3710. Cash 5: 1-6-7-10-13. Lotto: 1-2-8-10-16-27. Lucky Links Day: 1-3-6-14-15-16-18-19. Lucky Links Night: 4-6-7-9-16-18-20-21. Mega Millions: 6-13-18-20-31. Mega...

Lottery Numbers — April 26, 2017

WEDNESDAY'S NUMBERS Connecticut: Play 3 Day: 214. Play 4 Day: 1219. Play 3 Night: 297. Play 4 Night: 8157. Cash 5: 10-11-19-20-21. Lucky Links Day: 1-4-5-7-8-11-16-17. Lucky Links Night: 1-3-6-12-15-19-20-21. Powerball: 1-15-18-26-51. Powerball 26. Power Play 4.




The season of song has begun

I was on the driveway walking back from the mailbox when, off in the distance, I heard a familiar birdsong. I stopped in my tracks and realized that it was a robin. The day was April 1. I had waited for that moment since the hot afternoon of Aug.

'It's better when it's about people'

My current office is at the end of a hall that I share with cardiologists and gynecologists, the idea being to facilitate communication.




Daughter throws in the towel on fighting mother's grudge

DEAR ABBY: Six years ago, not long after I announced to my family that I was going to be married, my parents decided to divorce because Dad had been cheating on Mom. Because I allowed him to walk me down the aisle, she didn't...

Daughter is in the doghouse after pets leave hairy mess

DEAR ABBY: When my daughter and her family come to visit, they are very messy. They have a 3- and a 4-year-old and two large, long-haired dogs. I can deal with the children's messiness — but the dogs, no. I agreed to...

Friend suffering seizures plans to elude driving restrictions

DEAR ABBY: I'm acquainted with a woman who has been experiencing seizures for several years and, because of the seizures, has been restricted from driving. She drove her son to school a couple of years ago (he had missed the bus)...

Teen struggles after heroin addiction claims dad's life

DEAR ABBY: I'm 15. I lost my dad two months ago. I found him when I got out of the shower. He had overdosed on heroin. Heroin controlled Dad's life ever since I was little, but that never stopped me from being me. My family...

Classmate won't stop bullying despite pleas from her friend

DEAR ABBY: I'm writing because I see a lot of bullying going on at school. One of the bullies is a friend of mine and I've asked her to stop, but she doesn't listen. How I can get through to her so she understands that she's...

While wife's sex drive races, husband is stuck in neutral

DEAR ABBY: I've been married almost four years. My husband and I are both barely 40, still quite young, but we have sex only once or twice a month. Our relationship is great, and we love each other. I just wish we had sex more...

New house responsibilities put wife down in the dumps

DEAR ABBY: My husband decided to buy a house. I never wanted one and now I'm depressed. I am thankful that my husband provides for the family and puts a roof over our heads, but now that we are in our house, my days are...


Your stars April 30

Happy Birthday: Issues concerning friends, relatives and neighbors are best addressed quickly. Learn all you can about taking...