Former ĎScandalí star faces trial

Columbus Short was ordered to stand trial on a felony battery charge after a witness testified that the former ďScandalĒ actor delivered a running punch on a man who wasnít looking his direction.



Half of Dr. Oz's medical advice is baseless, study says

It's not hard to understand what makes Dr. Oz so popular. Called “America's doctor,” syndicated talk-show host Mehmet Oz speaks in a way anyone can understand.


Doctors have seen and heard it all – almost

Doctors and nurses are, as a rule, not easily embarrassed.

Sometimes, there’s no place like home

With the start of hunting season I am reluctant to go birding in the state forests. Instead, I have been spending more time simply enjoying the birds in my neighborhood.



Concerts and shows that will be playing in the region

Juan Gabriel - Feb. 14 at Mohegan Sun Arena; tickets on sale now; $59-$129

Godfrey - Feb. 5-7 at Comix at Foxwoods; tickets on sale now; $15-$40

New Riders of the Purple Sage - March 6 at Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center; tickets on sale now, $35

Tom Chapin - March 28 at Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center Now $25

David Sedaris - May 15 at The Bushnell, Hartford Now $27.50-$57.50

Eric Paslay - March 5 at Lupo's, Providence Now $20, $25


Single mom wavers about cutting ties to absent dad

DEAR ABBY: Iím a single mom. My childís father has refused to take any responsibility since before the baby was born.

New husbandís suspicions are troubling to his wife

DEAR ABBY: I recently got married. My husband goes through my purse, my papers, my jewelry, my clothes ó and even my underwear.

Neat-freakís girlfriend sweeps suggestions aside

DEAR ABBY: Is nitpicking a poor trait to have? I

Suicidal Internet Ďfriendí needs professional help

DEAR ABBY: Iím a grad student who enjoys perusing social networks for jokes and stuff. The other day I came across a post from someone who said he wanted to kill himself.

Wife who canít make up her mind is driving husband away

DEAR ABBY: ... My wife has a hard time making decisions, which has resulted in some issues such as hoarding...

Wife of transgender husband searches for ways to cope

DEAR ABBY: A year ago, my husband of four years disclosed to me that heís transgender.

Man on the verge of divorce canít seem to seal the deal

DEAR ABBY: I am three years into a relationship with Harold, a man who is separated but not divorced.


Your stars - Dec. 29

CAPRICORN: Say little and do a lot. You will face complaints and mustnít let what others do or say affect your productivity.