Inching toward a plant-based, whole grain life.

It may be fall but it's not too late for the grill

Shrimp on the grill: four words that when strung together are the theme song for a great, uniquely summertime meal. And this Emeril Lagasse recipe nearly turns that...

Life's a carnival, and so is this squash

In case you haven’t met, I’d like to introduce you to the carnival squash. 

When in doubt, sink your apples in cake

Like Pavlov’s dog, the start of fall triggers an unhinged desire to buy more apples than one person can responsibly eat, and drink gallons of apple cider, and wrap myself in cozy sweaters and read by pumpkin-scented candles.

Dress your chocolate pudding pie in a salted peanut crust

Sometimes you want to revert to childhood. And sometimes you want to dress childhood up in grown-up clothes.

A modest proposal: ban computer-generated effects in movies for a year

As I was watching a series of coming attractions recently, I was struck by how every release seemed to be just an amalgam of computer-generated special effects.

"Anchorman 2": Swapping joke for joke

 This is genius. "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" will be back in movie theaters this week — but it’ll be a little different.Scratch that.


Marisa Nadolny and Kathleen Edgecomb compare notes on their favorite television shows.

Network sours on 'Honey Boo Boo'; one of us is surprised

From: m.nadolny@theday.comSent: Friday, October 24, 2014 11:57 AMTo: Edgecomb, Kathleen

Of Taylor Swift, Big Sandwiches, Cola and Why She Should Appear on "Live Lunch Break"

Have you seen your neighbor’s face smiling out at you from a colorful poster taped to the front glass of your favorite Subway sandwich shop?

September -- the Musical Gateway to Autumn

You’ve got to be quick or September blasts by before you know it – and then one of the best months of the year is suddenly gone.


Popular Culture.

In Twin Peaks, 'it's happening again'

It’s possible I’m writing this post to approximately 12 people in The Day’s readerships area. Still, it’ll be worth it to me to have given that mere dozen of enlightened TV viewers the following fantastic news:...

'The Leftovers' and its disturbingly clever PR move

So, to my fellow viewers of HBO’s "The Leftovers, can we share a collective shudder over the devastating, creepy, gut-wrenchingly sad story we’re all digging on? I mean, TV is supposed to be for pleasure right, but here...


The Day's music writers share their playlists.

Milton Moore: The small man who thought big, very big - Anton Bruckner

Anton Bruckner was an odd, awkward little man who wrote huge grandiose symphonies in the late 19th century. Like his student Gustav Mahler, there's more than a hint of megalomania in the sheer size of his conceptions, symphonies that run to 80...

Milton Moore: Even a cellphone captures Hahn's Bach artistry

Each of us has a preferred method for listening to music, whether it's earbuds on a smartphone, or headphones at a desktop computer, or loudspeakers hooked up to an old-style component stereo system. For some, high fidelity is crucial. For others,...