Sad News From Texas -- Don Townsley, RIP

Don Townsley, a tremendous musician and a truly kind and good human being, passed away earlier this week back in Texas.

Harry reminds me: James Booker was a genius who deserves an ant-free grave!

On Tuesday, I was speaking to Harry Connick, Jr., which is something I do once every 59 years – just like clockwork. For much of our conversation, we were talking about the great New Orleans pianist

On the Road to Dreams -- the Passing of Jack Bruce

I was out of town last week when the news hit that Jack Bruce had died. A few observations:

Of Taylor Swift, Big Sandwiches, Cola and Why She Should Appear on "Live Lunch Break"

Have you seen your neighbor’s face smiling out at you from a colorful poster taped to the front glass of your favorite Subway sandwich shop?

September -- the Musical Gateway to Autumn

You’ve got to be quick or September blasts by before you know it – and then one of the best months of the year is suddenly gone.

A Bad Day for the Human Mind

It’s as though the collective skull of America just cracked open and, instead of gray matter leaking out, a mass of cockroaches, centipedes and assorted vermin crawled out and are swarming the streets.

Goodbye Pretty Stranger -- Johnny Winter, RIP

One of the greatest guitarists ever is dead.

Koster's Assignment? The Set List for the Queen/Lambert Tour!

As I presciently suggested years ago – the first time I ever saw him, back in the early days of his season of American Idol –

I'll Broker No Dissent: The 6 Best Kayak Ballads! Period.

My pal and colleague Milton Moore has gone wonderfully pyrotechnic on The Day blog section lately with a series of clever and informative think/listen pieces. What's...

Is It Humanly Possible to Not Like the Beatles? (Or At Least a Few Songs?)

I can’t say I’m surprised by the variety of people from across the universe who contacted me in the wake of the The Beatles: The Night That Changed America — A Grammy Salute that aired Sunday on the 50th...

The Truth About the Air-Guitar Peppers and Super Bowl 48

It was Saturday night when the secret green cell phone rang – and only a few select folks have the number. I was asleep but bolted upright and snatched the phone. "Hello?"I recognized the voice...

I Actually Watched the Grammys! (Finally)

The bulk of Sunday's Grammy Awards ceremony took place after I'd fallen into a stupor – which typically happens each evening around dusk following the pudding course at dinner (and no pudding unless I finish all my

The Drunkard's Dozen -- Rick Koster's Preferred 11 Albums from 2013

I would like to become one of the very few Professional Writers About Music (PWAM)to suggest that A) Kanye West's Yeezus and B) Vampire Weekend's Modern Vampires of the City are not the best records of 2013.