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March Madness in TV-land thanks to Amazon, AMC and FX

TV blogger Marisa Nadolny reports on what shows are streaming at her house.

UPDATED: January Binge-TV report: I heart 'Gilmore Girls'

Anyone else have a steadily growing list of "shows to watch"? In this age of streaming entertainment, the queue is the thing: it’s where we stash every good intention to watch all manner of readily available content.

Let them eat #massivecake

Holiday cooking* is a thing. There are books across several culinary disciplines, blogs, catalogues,

Halloween 2014: Are we sure we know what 'sexy' actually means?

I’m not entirely certain when Halloween turned into National It’s OK to Tart it Up Like Never Before Day. Maybe it’s the perceived anonymity a costume provides; if one is "in costume" and, indeed,...